Your Skin Journey

Skin prosperity takes time and consideration. Through years of hands on experience in delivering results we have formulated a winning step by step process. Here is a guide of what you can expect.



Step one - Let's Chat


Book a one on one consultation in a private room with our advanced skin therapist.  We will discuss your skin challenges, goals, current regime and lifestyle factors and design a treatment and home skin care plan to meet your needs and change your skin. If you would like to add a skin treatment to this initial appointment please book the facial add on in the same tab.   


Time frame 45 minutes for consultation and 60 minutes extra for added treatment if you choose


Step two - Skin Balancing Treatments 

To achieve beautiful skin in a sustainable way, it must first be balanced, strengthened and well prepped.  In this time frame we will address any digestive disorders, hormonal disruptions and other disfunctions that may be negatively impacting the appearance of your skin and the way you feel.   


Timeframe Weekly or monthly salon visits over a 3-6 month period depending on your unique skin requirements


Step three - The Magic Happens 

Advanced skin treatments that transform the look and feel of your skin.  Our advanced skin treatments always include a wellbeing component as we fuse results with relaxation. The result – you are rested and your skin is clear, refreshed and rejuvenated skin that makes your friends swoon.  


Timeframe - 4-6 weekly for 6-12 months 


Step four - Maintenance 

You don’t go to the gym for one year, work hard for the body of your dreams and then just stop and expect the results to remain.  Skin is much the same.  Trust us to maintain your skin and your results and reep the rewards of a lifetime of beautiful skin and optimal wellbeing.   


Timeframe 4-12 weekly

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