POWER FACIAL - 30 mins - $90

A quick skin boost for those on the go. A customised cleanse, exfoliation, masque and moisturise.

PRESCRIPTIVE FACIAL - 60 mins - Dermalogica $125 - DMK $150

Perfect as part of an ongoing skin routine or as a one off booster treatment. Your therapist takes you through an in-depth consultation, building a customised facial based on the needs of your skin, body and mind. Each facial is unique but will include a deep cleanse, re-texturisation through exfoliation, enriched customised serum application and a stimulating and deeply relaxing facial, neck, shoulder, décolletage and scalp massage.

PERSONALISED FACIAL - 90 mins - $195

What do you love in a facial? Perfect, that's what you'll get. The design of this facial is completely unique and will take into account your skin concerns, lifestyle factors and energy levels on the day of the treatment. Your therapist will use all of the tools available to her to recommend a 90 min treatment to increase skin detoxification and cellular regeneration for your healthiest skin yet. It’s design however is ultimately up to you.


Enzyme therapy is true oxygen therapy. Where traditional facials work on the surface of the skin by exfoliating and infusing serums for a temporary boost in brightness and hydration' This Enzyme Therapy is unique to DMK. DMK's Enzymatic masque kickstarts your natural lymphatic system to awaken your skin and boost your detoxification system. This treatment creates a visible oxygenation of fresh blood to the top layers of the skin, allowing for natural skin regeneration.  

DMK LUNCH TIME PEEL- 45 mins - $170

A quick skin pick me up using only the best medical grade skin care. This treatment includes a deep cleanse followed by a micro skin peel to remove built up skin cell and stimulate cellular turnover. Finished with a DMK transdermal infusion of ingredients to brighten, plump, stimulate and soften your skin. A quick makeup is optional so you can head straight back to work 


The perfect start to DMK. All clients must have two sessions before progressing onto the advanced treatment. Suitable even when taking Roaccutane and during pregnancy.


For clients who are looking to accelerate results. Only available after two signature sessions.


Muscle banding works by sending signals to contract the muscles of the face and neck. Just like lifting weights at the gym builds strong toned muscles, this facial causes muscle contraction which increase blood circulation, building stronger and firmer muscle tissue. 

Expect - a tight, gripping sensation at the time of the treatment and supercharged results for weeks to come


 If you are looking to treat a specific skin concern or supercharge your results the elite enzyme is where we will take your skin.

DMK PRO LIFT- 90 mins - $290

This 3 step Muscle Banding Treatment provides is a combination of DMK's most effective treatments. It includes a pre-exfoliation specifically chosen for you, then Enzyme 1+2, for targeted results. The treatment is finished with a Transdermal infusion to lock nutrients into the skin. 


SKIN HEALTH CHECKUP - 30 mins - $50

In this session we will take a more in-depth look at the factors that could be contributing to how your skin is presenting externally. We will craft a personalised skin health plan that encompasses your wellbeing, home-care routine and lifestyle changes to treat the root cause of your skin concerns. We want to empower you and instil the knowledge you need to achieve lasting beautiful skin.

*Cost redeemable on the purchase of two or more products

HYDRABRASION FACIAL - 45 mins - $140

Like microdermabrasion but deeper. Firstly a small diamond head is moved over the surface of the skin to exfoliate, lift and vacuum the clogged heads of pores. Then, and what sets hydrabrasion apart, is a second head that flushes the inside of pores to release the build up of dirt sitting deep in the skin. It will boost circulation, freshen and brighten your complexion and we guarantee your skin will never have felt smoother.

PRO POWER PEEL - 45 mins - $160

Dermalogica's Pro Power Peels are powerful salon grade peels designed to brighten, clear and rejuvenate the skin. Your therapist will blend your custom peel for targeted skin results. To cool and soothe the skin we finish with a jade roller massage, LED and a hydrating serum application. 

Please note that due to the strength of the peel, this facial is only available after a consult with one of our therapists.

COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY - 45 mins - $260 ($290 with LED Light Therapy)

One of our most advanced treatments in managing premature ageing. Dermal pen is a non invasive, clinical treatment that uses microscopic needles to create tiny puncture channels in the epidermis - encouraging an organic regeneration and renewal response in the skin. The result - visible skin rejuvenation, reduced appearance of pigmentation, scarring, enlarged pores, sluggish skin and fine lines and wrinkles. 

DERMAPLANING - 30 mins - $90

A purely cosmetic treatment to remove the fine peach fuzz from your face. This treatment exfoliates and smoothes your skin, allowing optimum uptake of serums. Because there is no blood supply to this hair it will never grow back thicker.Add to any facial for $60.


We use Intense Pulsed light technology for the advanced treatment of pigmentation, red veins and fine lines. Traditional procedures often struggle to treat these skin concerns and product alone only progresses results so far. We love the results we are obtaining and so are our clients.You must book in for a consultation before starting a treatment plan. The cost of the consult is redeemable on your first treatment. 

LED SLEEP TREATMENT - 20 mins - $50

Come in with no makeup on and relax on one of our treatment beds under our LED light for 20 minutes. LED is a safe, painless, non-invasive treatment using different wavelengths of light to stimulate the skins natural processes, rejuvenating the skin and treating many skin concerns including acne, ageing, skin healing and psoriasis.

Your 5th treatment is 50% off and your 10th is free.


Our absolute favourites for both immediate results and future proofing of your skin health. LED light therapy, Collagen induction therapy (Dermal pen), Signature enzyme therapy - 2.5 hours


Melt into our warm treatment beds, take a big deep breath and treat your skin to a combination of three essential skin therapies for glowing, healthy skin.  This treatment begins with a deep cleanse and ultra bright enzyme exfoliation with lactic acid to remove skin cell build up on the skin.  A targeted corrective serum is applied, followed by 20 minutes of LED light therapy to heighten the internal functions of skin, energising and brightening skin.  Finally a cooling, contour masque is applied to firm, tone and nourish skin while your feet and legs are treated to hot towel therapy and aromatherapy massage.

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