A quick, virtually pain free hair reduction method with no down time. A consultation and patch test prior to the commencement of treatment is essential. During this time your therapist will answer all your treatment questions including duration, cost and care.

The list of treatment areas below is not extensive, please get in contact if the area you are wanting treated isn't listed. 

*Two or more treatment areas in one appointment receive 10% off.
*Pre-pay 8 treatments and save 15%.


Lip or Chin                                   $45
Snail Trail                                     $70
Nipples                                        $80
Full Face                                      $160
Underarm                                    $60
Top 1/2 Leg                                $160
Full Leg                                       $220
Bikini                                            $55
G-String                                      $99
Brazilian                                      $139
Lower or Upper Arm                $110
Full Arm                                      $175
Toes or Knuckles                       $80
Mens Chest                                 $220
Mens Full Back                           $190
Mens Back and Shoulder         $120
Mens Stomach                            $110
Mens Chest and Stomach        $280