DMK Enzyme Therapy

You’ve heard about it and you have seen the results. So, what exactly is enzyme therapy?

By combining state of the art science with innovative technology, DMK has created one of the most advanced skin revision systems available. It incorporates ingredients that are designed to work in synergy with the skins natural processes. Where typical skin treatments utilize the “cleanse, exfoliate, infuse ceramides and moisturize model”, which is incredible for a quick skin pick me up, DMK enzyme therapy is so much more.

Enzymes are natures biological catalysts; they utilize proteins formed in plant cells acting as organic catalysts in initiating specific chemical reactions in the skin that create real change.

We all have it in us to have skin that is functioning well and looking healthy – you only have to look at the inside of your forearm to see your skins real aesthetic potential. Environmental elements, hormonal fluctuations and utilizing incorrect ingredients can affect the skins immunity, slowing the circulatory and lymphatic systems which causes your skin to weaken, age prematurely or become inflamed.

DMK enzyme therapy has three enzyme formulas for the face and one for the body. You may have seen the incredible ‘plasmatic effect’ which is a visual of what is happening underneath the skin. DMK enzyme therapy utilizes messenger enzymes to mimic the body’s own chemistry, hydrolyze waste material from the skin and remove impurities through a reverse osmosis or back flushing process that increases circulation bringing oxygenated blood and nutrients to the skin. This process also improves lymphatic drainage and enhances collagen production, leaving you with enviable, healthy, oxygenated skin that is functioning optimally, literally glowing from the inside out.

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