Bailey's Journey - Acne & Congestion

Skin Goals – Clear skin, reduce scarring and long term results

Treatment Timeline – 18 months

Treatments – A Mount skin revision membership. Enzyme therapy 6 weekly and finished with collagen induction for scar revision

Home Care – Full DMK home care prescription including cleanser, exfoliation, serums for morning and night to clear skin without stripping, moisturiser and spritz, internals such as essential fatty acids and a gut health cleanse

Results – Improvement in breakout month on month, redness and inflammation reduced in the first 6 months, scarring constantly improving

After Care – She will continue on her skin regime at home and is committed to regular enzyme treatments to maintain skin health. She has been educated on foods and lifestyle choices that impact skin breakout and we are confident her results will be long lasting.

Maddie presented with deep hormonal acne in the cheek, chin and neck area. She had struggled on and off with acne since her early teens and after coming off hormonal contraception in her early 20's her skin had steadily become worse.