Sue's Journey - Fine Lines, Redness, Pigmentation

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Skin Goals - Reduce pore size, congestion and an all over healthier skin

Treatment Timeline - 5 months

Treatments - 3 sessions of collagen induction therapy 6 weeks apart

Home Care - Skin health basics - cleanser and moisturiser as well as targeted ingredients such as retinol for premature ageing and vitamin C for pigmentation reduction and antioxidants

Results - Significant reduction in redness on nose, chin, apples of cheeks and forehead. Reduction in fine lines around eyes, forehead and sides of face. Improvement in deep wrinkles on neck and around mouth, improved tone in skin

After Care - Post her course of CIT, Sue continued her skincare routine as well as using a 0.25mm home-roller followed by an anti-aging serum.