Betagen Hydrating Creme

Betagen Hydrating Creme


DMK is a prescription only product and we are unable to sell through ecommerce. All products are in stock please use the contact us page to order and pay via online banking.


Betagen crème is specially formulated for reactive, irritated, prematurely aged skins. Betagen’s unique formulation revises skin that is demonstrating signs of trauma and stress, and strengthens and regenerates the tissue. Containing powerful ingredients that promote skin immunity and healthy renewal, Betagen offers nourishment and protection and fights inflammation. Betagen is referred to as DMK’s “Emergency Crème”.


Key Benefits

  • Hydrating and nourishing
  • Powerful antioxidant protection
  • Rich in essential vitamins
  • Improves skins immunity and healing
  • Stimulates healthy collagen and elastin synthesis



Red/reactive skin, sensitive skin, sun-damaged skin, dry skin, flaky skin, thickened skin, ageing skin.


To Use

Daily. Apply DMK serums to cleansed skin. Apply four dots of Betagen to skin, spray skin with Herb and Mineral Mist and work into skin.

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