Herbal Pigment Oil

Herbal Pigment Oil


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Nourish, smooth and strengthen while brightening your skin. This rich herbal compound is ideal for skins exhibiting environmental damage. It can be used for dark circles around the eyes, dark patches on the knees and elbows, raised scars, dry lips and cuticles.


Key Benefits

  • Helps to soften and breakdown dry, scaly areas and lighten them
  • Smoothes and brightens scar tissue. Works well on hypertrophic scars, massage in 3 times per day
  • Excellent for dark patches on the knees and elbows
  • Good for pigmentation on the body, dark rhino patches of skin, also good for raised pigmented scars
  • Use around the eyes with Vitamin C to help the dark obvious circles. Especially good on Indian, Asian and darker skin tones
  • Can also be mixed into the crèmes to help brighten skin and provides additional nutrients and lipid barrier



Sun-damaged skin, pigmented areas, darker skin types, dark circles around the eyes.


To Use

Massage onto cleansed skin and spray with Herb and Mineral Mist morning and night. Ideally one to three times a day for scars.

Apart from working to even skin tone, Herbal Pigment Oil is also a superior lip nourishing oil that can smooth and lubricate dry lips in one application. Unlike other lip creams and balms, Herbal Pigment Oil contains skin lightening properties that work to lighten and brighten stained lips.

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